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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Pool

what to consider before installing a pool

Consider these questions before installing a pool on your property.

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard is a significant decision that will involve a considerable investment of finances and time. To make sure that you make the best decision for your backyard design and your budget, ask yourself the following questions before installing a pool in your yard. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you be better prepared for pool ownership. 

How Often Would I Use a Swimming Pool?

Everyone who wants to install a swimming pool likely imagines that they will use it all day, every day. However, that doesn’t often turn out to be the case. You must consider where you live, the climate, and the regular routines of you and your family’s life to get an idea of how much use your pool will get once the initial novelty has worn off. 

How Much Would it Cost? 

A swimming pool can be a significant expense, but prices can vary based on whether you are installing a pool that is aboveground, or inground, and what kind of inground pool. An above ground pool will be significantly less expensive than an in-ground pool. However, you must also remember to factor in yearly maintenance expenses.

How Much Time Will Maintenance Require? 

From keeping the features clean to ensuring the chemicals are safely balanced, you cannot afford to be careless with pool maintenance. Before installing a pool, make sure you have the time to commit to maintenance or are willing to pay someone else to keep up the pool. 

Should My Pool Be Above Ground Or Inground?

Knowing the answer to this question will help you move forward with your pool installation process. To determine which pool is best for you, consider the price differences and the potential for future complex problems. Above ground pools, for instance, are relatively easier to repair than inground pools. 

How Will I Keep My Family Safe?

Pools are excellent places for kids to play, but they can also pose dangers. Before installing a pool, think about what safety measures you can include. These safety features can include fencing, covers, alarms, and more. 

What Shape and Size Should My Pool Be?

Especially if you are installing an inground pool, you should consider the style. A smaller pool would suit a cozy yard, or you may want to go big if you have space. Consider whether you want a classic rectangular pool or a natural-looking oasis. 

Admiral Pools is Your Complete Swimming Pool Resource 

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