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Serving Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties in Maryland and Southern, Pennsylvania


Admiral Pools Retail Store 1Admiral Pools LLC carries a variety of products for the care and maintenance of your swimming pool or spa, as well as games and toys for your pool or for just plain backyard fun.

Maintaining your pool is both a science and an art. Admiral Pools can provide you with a computer-based water analysis that takes numerous characteristics of your pool into consideration, not only the water chemistry itself but also size, temperatures, type of finish, and other factors. After your water test is completed, we can then begin to help you with the art of taking care of your pool.

A lot of customers think that because their water is clear, it must be properly balanced ‒ this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Often times this clarity is the direct result of the water being so far out of balance and so unsafe that nothing can grow in it! This imbalance can also cause the rapid deterioration of your interior finish, handrails and ladders, as well as the pump and filtration system. This deterioration could easily shorten the life of these items by as much as 75%. Additionally, skin irritation, burning eyes, and ear infections can also be caused by perfectly clear, yet chemically unbalanced water.

Admiral Pools Retail Store 2You can save money buying chemicals online or from mass merchants; however, over 70% of pool owners buy their chemicals and supplies from pool specialty stores, and they do this for many reasons. When you purchase chemicals from Admiral Pools LLC, you get free access to the most effective water management programs in our industry, along with free water testing, personalized service, and expert advice seven days a week. Whether its chemicals, parts, lighting, an automatic cleaner, expert advice or anything else related to your pool or spa, Admiral Enterprises of MD can provide it for you.

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Some of the products and services we offer in our store

  • Above Ground Pools
  • Free Water Testing
  • Parts
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Motors
  • Pools & Spa Chemicals
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Pump & Filter Systems
  • Pump Repairs
  • Pool Covers
  • Spa Covers
  • Solar Blankets

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