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Serving Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties in Maryland and Southern, Pennsylvania


Poolscape 1What is a Poolscape? A poolscape is the multidimensional and all-encompassing culmination of a well done swimming pool project. A properly done poolscape not only meets your desire for a swimming pool, but exceeds your expectations in its completed form. It not only provides you with a vessel that holds water, but marries that vessel into the existing landscapes and elevations. It creates a panorama that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional in form and practice. A poolscape can be simplistic and yet elegant or imaginative and complex. If yours is a simple desire for a swimming pool, it should still merge seamlessly into the surroundings and not appear as a useless appendage without function or form.

In designing a poolscape, our experienced designers will take everything into consideration, not only to meet your desires and budget, but also to make recommendations to further enhance your use and enjoyment of the poolscape. What you don’t know may hurt you. Our experienced designers have an obligation to educate you on options and features that may significantly expand your use, enjoyment and functionality of your poolscape.

Poolscape 2Your return on investment can be measured in many ways. First, as an investment in a family’s well-being, a poolscape creates a living space that draws the family together for hours of endless enjoyment, not only for swimming and playing in the pool, but also because it becomes a warm inviting area for dining and entertaining in a different environment than the confines of the family home. Secondly, a well designed and implemented poolscape can invoke, in others, the same emotional appreciation you have for what the poolscape contributes to a family’s well-being and unity and thus increases the value of your home.

Utilizing light, both in and out of the pool, a fireplace or fire pit, an expanded patio area for lounging or entertaining, deck jets, water fall or other water features along with numerous other features all can contribute to the use, enjoyment and immeasurable emotional satisfaction you get from your poolscape.

No one is more qualified or eager to help bring your poolscape dreams to life than Admiral Pools LLC. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions or to arrange an appointment to set your dreams in motion.

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