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When Is the Best Time to Open Your Maryland Swimming Pool?

when to open up your Maryland swimming pool

Learn when the best time may be to open up your Maryland swimming pool.

As we move into spring, pool owners across Maryland are beginning to get “pool fever.” When can you open up your backyard swimming pool and take advantage of this enjoyable amenity? It can be tricky to tell whether you are opening up your swimming pool too early or too late. However, a good rule of thumb to remember is that once the temperature is consistently above 70 degrees during the day, the time has come to open your Maryland swimming pool. The reasons behind this are due to the following five factors: algae, weather, pollen, expense, and the beauty of your swimming pool. 

The Algae Factor

Admiral Pools recommends opening your Maryland swimming pool once the temperature rises above 70 degrees because warmer temperatures will breed algae in your swimming pool. This means that pools with mesh winter covers, which allow sunlight through, can encourage the growth of algae if left covered into warm temperatures. Open up your pool a little early, and you avoid having to clean excessive algae. 

The Weather Factor

In the Maryland region, you can never quite predict when temperatures are going to increase or decrease. Because of this, opening your swimming pool in April or whenever temperatures are in the 70s will mean that you are prepared as soon as that first hot, sunny day arrives. 

The Pollen Factor

Pollen can become a significant pain during the spring and can wreak havoc on non-circulating water. All Maryland swimming pools that are closed right now are letting pollen get into the water and sit there, which makes it more difficult to clean the pool later. However, pools that are open and circulating will suck the pollen up into their filter. This will keep your pool from ever becoming a yellow pollen lagoon. 

The Expense Factor

Many people hesitate to open their Maryland swimming pool too early because they want to save costs on maintaining their pool. However, if you have a modern saltwater pool or two-speed motors on your filter systems, the chemical and electrical cost can be minimal. On average, if a pool owner runs their pump at low speed for a month with a salt system, they will likely spend less than $50 in expenses. It’s also important to consider the cleaning expenses that may come from opening your pool too late. 

The Beauty Factor 

Nothing quite says “summer is here” like opening up your beautiful Maryland swimming pool and relaxing poolside in the sunshine. With everyone staying home this springtime, opening up your Maryland swimming pool can offer you valuable stress relief and enjoyment.

Admiral Pools is Your Complete Swimming Pool Resource 

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