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How to Get Pool Cleaning Done in Spring

How to Get Pool Cleaning Done in Spring

You want your pool to be ready when that hot weather hits, so it is important to get that seasonal pool cleaning done in the spring.

Spring may still be deciding if winter is truly over, but we know that the warm weather is around the corner and before long summer will be here. You want your pool to be ready when that hot weather hits, so it is important to get that seasonal pool cleaning done in the spring. Usually people wait until after the threat of snow has completely passed to start planning their pool maintenance, and that time is here. We likely will see the last of our seasonal snow in the next few weeks (if we see anymore at all), and then the way is clear for spring cleaning.

Make That Shopping List

Start by making a list of the stuff you’re going to need to buy for your pool maintenance this season. Start by inventorying your tools and supplies and make sure that everything is working. Anything that is broken should be repaired or replaced before the season starts.  Make a list of all of the chemicals that you need to replenish as well.

Do The Deep Cleaning

The deep pool cleaning is a multi-part process (unless you decide to hire a swimming pool company). First, you need to collect all of the leaves, twigs, and debris that has accumulated in the pool. Get the debris on the surface, but also use a deep leaf net to get the sunken debris. You also need to make sure that you’re keeping track of the water temps. Once temps go over 60 degrees, algae starts to grow – make sure that you’re keeping your chemical levels up to restrict algae and bacteria growth. Once the debris is cleared out, vacuum and scrub the walls and bottom and clean or backwash your filter.

Check, Repair, Replace

Once you have backwashed the system, reassemble it according to the manufacturers directions and then examine the whole system for issues. Any problems should be professionally addressed before the start of pool season.

Landscaping Maintenance

Depending on the landscaping around your pool, now is the time to start that maintenance. If you have grass around the pool, the cutting season tends to be April through early November – remember to keep the bag on your mower so the clippings don’t get blown into the pool. Other plants around the pool likely need to be pruned or trimmed about now also. If you have potted seasonal plants, now is the time to start those.

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