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Can we go green?

Absolutely, in many different ways! One of the simplest ways is the light. Using an LED or series of LED lights will cut your cost of operating a light by up to 70%, will last up to ten times longer than an incandescent or halogen fixture and give you an incredible rainbow of color in your pool. In addition, programmable electronic controls, two speed or variable speed pumps, a heat pump instead of a gas heater and a solar blanket are all elements that will make your pool green (environmentally green that is, not, you know, green water :)).

In addition to all of these options, the single most significant option you could add to your pool to make it an environmentally green pool is an automatic cover. An automatic cover is very expensive; however, it dramatically reduces surface heat loss, reduces evaporation, prevents debris from getting in the pool, reduces chemical use, reduces filter times, can dramatically extend your season and even more important than all of those features, makes your pool safe. With all of these savings, and despite its cost, an automatic cover typically pays for itself in 4 to 5 years, and provides immeasurable piece of mind.

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