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How long does it take to build a pool?

Fiberglass and vinyl pools go in the fastest. Either one of these can be full of water in as little as a week. A concrete pool can take considerably longer because there are so many sub-contractors used and they have to be coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Obviously, the weather prior to and during your construction will also be a major factor. Of course, all of this occurs after permitting and projects in front of you are completed. If a contractor tells you they can start right away, you should ask yourself two questions: 1. Are they telling me the truth or are they telling me what I want to here to get my contract and 2. If they can start right away, why don’t they have any other work? It is reasonable to expect that a respected, competent contractor will have other work under contract and may take several weeks before they could begin your project.

The time of the season is also a big factor. Don’t start the process in May and expect to be swimming in June. Remember, this is a major investment that affects the biggest investment you have, your home, so don’t make a rash or compromised decision to gain a couple of weeks.

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