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Knowing When a Pool Repair is Needed

Knowing When a Pool Repair is Needed

Here are some indicators that may hint that you’re in need of pool repair services.

Over time, any pool is going to begin showing the natural signs of wear and tear that require pool repair. If you ignore those signs and let your damages spiral out of control, the end result can cost you much time and money. Keeping your pool in top condition is an important part of pool ownership and if you keep an eye on your pool, you can do so easily. Just know what signs to look for. Here are some indicators that may hint that you’re in need of pool repair services.

Cracks in Wall

Once you see cracks developing in the walls of a concrete pool, it’s a sign that you need immediate pool repair services. Those cracks are an indicator of larger, deeper problems. Cracks in your pool can develop into water leakages that waste pool water. Worse yet, they can even erode the soil around your pool, causing further structural damage. It can be a big issue if you don’t seek out professional pool repair.

Damaged Lights

As useful as our pool lights may be, there is a level of danger in combining water and electricity in the same area. That’s why you want to make sure you’re not going the DIY route to fix any broken lights around your pool. Anything beyond changing a bulb is going to require the pool to be drained and your electricity cut off, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a potentially very dangerous situation. Let a professional take care of any pool lighting repairs you may need.

Dirty Water

Dirty pool water can be caused by all sorts of issues, all of which are signs that you need pool repairs. If you treat your pool regularly and still have dirty or cloudy water, it may indicate a problem with your pipes, like debris that’s causing a blockage. Alternatively, it could be a blocked sand filter, as sand filters need to be changed every three to five years to keep your pool water clean. Lastly, a broken pool pump can cause dirty water, too, so be sure to call a pro to assess your dirty pool water.

Broken Heater

Cold pool water is no fun and it means your pool heater is probably broken. This could also be a blocked pipes issue, though oftentimes heater controls malfunction over time. These issues, if left untreated, will snowball into more problems, so make sure you bring a pro in to help.

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