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Poolscape Features That Make Your Property More Valuable

Poolscape Features That Make Your Property More Valuable

Let’s look into a few different poolscape features and find out what they can offer your swimming pool.

Swimming pools are great on your own, but you can enhance them even further with the addition of different poolscape features. Depending on which features you install, you can add more convenience, functionality, or beauty to your poolscape. So which features are interesting to you? Let’s look into a few different poolscape features and find out what they can offer your swimming pool.

Custom Grotto

Sometimes, we have to find ways to get away from the stresses that come from our everyday lives. It’s hard to find the right escape sometimes, trying to find a place where you can simply unwind and take a breather. If you build a custom grotto for your poolscape, you’ll have a serene getaway where you can go to de-stress. They are captivating to the eye, and the sound of running water can help take your mind off of anything that could be stressing you.


Perhaps you’re looking for poolscape features that are out in the open to show off their beauty. This is something an outdoor fountain can accomplish. Much like with grottos, you get the calming sound of moving water. In addition to this, you could get further enjoyment from a fountain by adding lights to it. This allows you to appreciate your fountain at any time of day.


A simple yet effective manner to improve your poolscape is with proper LED lighting. We prefer LEDs over other lights because of their energy efficiency and how environmentally friendly they are. With the right lights, not only can your poolscape look stunning when the sun goes down, but it will also be safer to navigate through your poolscape at night because of the added visibility lights supply.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are already popular for those without pools, but they can make excellent poolscape features as well. They are great for chilly weather at night, providing extra warmth and light. What’s more, is that a fire pit can easily become the perfect hangout spot whenever you have company visiting you. They work well with practically any poolscape.

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