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How to Prepare Your Abingdon Backyard for a Pool Installation

how to prepare for a pool installation

Take these steps to prepare your backyard for a pool installation.

If you are ready to have a pool installed by Admiral Pools in Abingdon, there are a few things you can do to prepare your backyard for this process. You should consider a few crucial factors before starting your pool installation, including placement, design, and pool style. Knowing all of these elements before beginning the installation process will guarantee that you install the perfect new pool for your Abingdon home. 

Consider The Backyard Pool Placement

Before beginning a pool installation, the first step you must take is deciding where to place your pool. Consider the terrain, surrounding plants, and slope and drainage elements as well as local zoning regulations. Take into account any power lines, water lines, septic systems, or other utilities that may be buried in your yard and which may be affected. 

If you have a smaller yard, your pool will look like an extension of your home’s architecture. Consider generally where you want to place your pool and how that placement will then affect the pool’s design and your backyard’s structure. 

Choose The Type of Pool Installation

Once you find the perfect space for your pool, this will tell you what kind of pool to install. The primary types of pool installations are above ground and inground. Above ground pools limit the need to excavate, while inground pools are best if you want your pool to be quite deep. 

Prepare the Area

Once you have chosen your pool’s location and installation type, you must remove everything that would impede your pool’s foundation. These items include stones and rocks, sticks, sod, roots, and other vegetation. 

Plan Yard Decor

Once your beautiful pool installation is underway or complete, you can begin to add some appeal to the rest of your yard. If you have a deck, you can paint it or stain it to make it look brand new. Placing brightly colored flowers around your deck or patio can also make a great impression. You can pave the way to the pool with bricks or stones and maybe add some patio furniture or a fire pit for more socialization spaces. Toss any old toys or sports equipment that are no longer used, and keep your shrubs neat and tidy. Add string lights to your yard to add some more sparkle. 

A pool installation can significantly increase the appearance and enjoyment of your Abingdon backyard. By planning your installation carefully and refreshing your surrounding yard decor, you can soon enjoy a beautiful new backyard full of outdoor fun.

Admiral Pools is Your Complete Swimming Pool Resource 

Admiral Pools LLC is a multi-faceted company involved in the construction and renovation of all types of in-ground swimming pools, serving Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties of Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Admiral Pools does the vast majority of our work with in-house personnel, and we pride ourselves on being a turnkey operation that provides retaining walls, hardscaping, fencing, and outdoor lighting. Customers can visit our retail location and showroom in Abingdon, MD, to purchase pool chemicals, as well as above-ground pools, spas, parts, maintenance equipment, pool games, and toys. Admiral Pools of Maryland is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality swimming pools, the best service, and a complete selection of parts and chemicals the retail industry has to offer. Contact Admiral Pool’s representative through our website today to receive your free quote, or call us at 1-866-297-POOL (7665). Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of the latest updates and news in the recreational water industry.

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