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How to Select the Perfect Family Pool Size

how to select your family pool size

Consider these factors when selecting your family pool size.

Before you begin installing a family pool in your backyard, you will likely ask yourself: how big should my pool be? Sometimes you don’t need a large pool, but sometimes you may need more space than you initially believed. Figuring out your perfect pool size before installing your pool is essential because your pool cannot shrink or expand in size once installed. So, how do you determine the perfect family pool size? Read on to learn which considerations can help you find the right size for your new pool. 

Determine the Pool’s Main Users

The first question you should ask to determine the primary users of your pool and how often they will be using it. If your children advocate for a pool, they most likely just want a fun place to swim and are not going to require an extra-large pool. If your spouse plans to use the pool for swimming daily laps, they may want a longer pool to facilitate this exercise better. 

Consider Who May Be Swimming Laps

If you have someone in your home who wants to use the pool for swimming laps, the perfect family pool size may be at least 30 feet in length to accommodate lap swimming. However, if you cannot accommodate that size, tether systems allow any pool to become a “lap pool,” although that may not be everyone’s preference. 

Consider Potential Patio Space

If you plan on having a patio around your pool, especially one with furniture or a grill, you must consider how much space you will need. You don’t want to install a large pool and be left with a sliver of patio space. 

Determine Your Property Restraints

An essential component of determining your family pool size is determining your overall size restraints for your property. You must make sure you follow any property guidelines for construction near property lines, and if you plan on placing other items in your yard on or outside of a patio, you must consider space for those as well. 

Consider Future Visitors

If you feel pressure to install a large pool because you want to make sure your guests have enough space, consider how often you actually host a large number of people. Even when you have an outdoor event, it is rare that everyone will be in the pool at once. Considering this, you most likely can scale down your family pool size. 

Think Ahead 

Family sizes change, and if you know that soon you will either see kids leaving the nest or have grandchildren growing up and learning how to swim, you should accommodate those changes. Your pool will be on your property for a very long time, so it is best to think carefully and logically about your family pool size, how much space you will use today, and the future. 

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