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Two Sides to Every Story

When a customer comes to me with a brand new pool and asks me how to take care of it,  I have always said to them “well, there are two sides to every story”.  This helps my customer to separate the two different sides to caring for their pool water, sanitize and water balance, and helps them to remember.

Side 1: Three Simple Steps. Sanitize, Oxidize, and Algaecide.

Sanitize: The method in which you are killing germs and bacteria “all the time”. Chlorine Tabs, Sticks, Salt Water Generation, Biguanide, etc.

Oxidize:  The weekly adding of a strong boosting agent to come to the aid of your sanitizer.   This is where the word “shock” comes from.

Algaecide: The addition of a chemical that helps the water fight off plant life in the  pool.

Side 2:  Balancing: Adjusting the water’s Alkaline & pH Levels. Adjusting the Calcium Hardness level, (keeping hard water and other things from creating etching  on your pool walls, ladders, etc.), and the addition of Stabilizer (which helps by holding your chlorine in the water longer.)

And there you have it. Both sides of the story. Simple, isn’t it? How much of these items do you add? Bring in a sample of your pool water to Admiral Pools LLC and let us test it in our computerized water testing station. The test takes about 3 minutes and it’s FREE!

See you soon!


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