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Why Get a Fire Pit Installed Near Your Swimming Pool?

Why Get a Fire Pit Installed Near Your Swimming Pool?Why Get a Fire Pit Installed Near Your Swimming Pool?

Having a fire pit by your pool is often just what you need to enjoy the pool area.

If you’ve already got a pool in your yard, you are well on your way to having the backyard oasis that people dream about. Having a pool provides countless physical and mental health benefits in addition to simply being a fun and beautiful place for hanging out. In order to make your space a true oasis, consider adding additional elements to extend that joy of lounging pool side a little more. One such element you can add to increase the luxury and beauty of your pool is a fire pit.

Add Beauty

Fire pits are functional, but they are also beautiful. Finding the right one and using the right materials can create a statement area beside your pool. It adds to the beauty of the whole pool area and also adds a touch of elegant light that lends a special atmosphere to your swimming spot oasis.

Enjoy the Outdoors More

Having a fire pit by your pool is often just what you need to enjoy the pool area and the outdoors in general more. If you have a pool heater, having the fire pit close by means that the pool stays usable later in the year for both swimmers and spectators. For night swims, the fire pit offers additional light and a beautiful atmosphere. In the late spring and early fall, when it might be otherwise too cold to be outside, the fire pit becomes the perfect gathering space.

Improve Home Value

Since installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit improves the experience in the home and adds to the feeling of luxury, most experts agree that it also improves home value. Seeing a beautiful fire pit, especially one that creates a beautiful relaxation spot with a pool, can really capture the right buyers and possibly even contribute to a situation where bidding for your property gets you above your asking price. If you are planning to sell your property, adding a fire pit is a great investment. If your goal is to offer short term rentals (like on AirBnB), the luxury of a poolside fire pit can be just what you need to capture prospective renters.

Create A Staycation

Even if you are not planning to sell or rent, creating the perfect hotel-like experience in your yard can be a good investment. We are still spending more time at home generally these days, so it is an investment in your own mental health to make it a place you like to be. Organize the perfect staycation for yourself and your family by outfitting your pool area with a  beautiful fire pit.

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