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Why Get a Pro to Install Your Aboveground Pool

Why Get a Pro to Install Your Aboveground Pool

Installing an aboveground pool yourself can be a tempting option, however, it’s important to weigh pros and cons before embarking on any such DIY installation.

Installing an aboveground pool yourself can be a tempting option, what with the potential cost savings on labor et al and the undeniably powerful allure of a new, potentially-challenging (and therefore, of course, potentially psychologically rewarding) experience. However, it’s important to weigh pros and cons before embarking on any such DIY installation.

Read along below to get this process started; just be sure not to engage in horseplay or otherwise cause yourself to cramp up along the way.

Pros of Installing an Aboveground Pool Yourself

  • Saving some green (the anti-chlorine!): One of the primary advantages of DIY installation is of course the aforementioned potential savings. Hiring a professional for pool installation can get expensive sometimes, and by doing it yourself, you’ll save on labor costs. (In other news, the sky is blue.) But you also have the option to contract out specific parts of the installation, such as excavation and foundation, to further reduce costs.
  • Learning new skills: -Always cool. Installing an aboveground pool yourself can provide a valuable learning experience, allowing you to acquire new savvy that could prove useful in other home improvement projects—or even to help out friends and family with their pools, resourceful and altruistic reader. And as a matter of fact, many professional builders get their start by doing projects themselves and gaining valuable skills—and a fierce passion for applying them—along the way.

Cons of Installing an Aboveground Pool Yourself

  • The missed benefits of working with a professional: To be direct: they know more than any DIYer, and are better at applying this knowledge. Professional installers have the required equipment, expertise, and crew/resources to handle any installation efficiently. They also often have “connections” (always on the up-and-up!) that can help speed the process of (e.g.) acquiring permits along if needed. On your own, these benefits are merely as theoretical as the perfect pool born of your dreams and inundating your waking thoughts…
  • The time hole: Installing an aboveground pool yourself can be, in a lexeme, time-consuming, ‘specially if you’re juggling other responsibilities concordantly (and who the heck ever isn’t??). Professional installation services will typically send a crew that can complete the installation within a day, depending of course on the relative complexity. Best of luck on making such good time on your own.
  • The costly risks: Without proper experience, you’re naturally more prone to make mistakes during the installation process, which could result in costly catastrophe. Such errors will likely require additional funds to fix, and could well affect the durability, safety, and general viability of your aboveground pool.

A Few More Important Factors to Consider

  • The type and shape of your (desired) pool: The type and shape of an aboveground pool inherently impacts its relative ease of installation. Traditional steel frame aboveground pools that are placed directly on level ground are generally easier to install compared to semi-inground pools that require burial or pools with unique shapes. If you’re considering a more complex pool type or shape, it may be wise to hire a professional.
  • Location, location, location: The intended (…) location of your aboveground pool is a crucial bit determinative data for proper installation. A flat area free from hazards such as power lines, trees, septic tanks, tree stumps, and rocky soil is ideal. The location should also receive sufficient sunlight and be suitable for the pool’s electrical needs. If you’re uncertain about the location or have concerns about the electrical requirements, it’s best to seek professional guidance.

Closing Thoughts

Installing an aboveground pool yourself can be a rewarding experience and potentially save you money on labor costs. However, it’s important to carefully consider your skills, available time, and resources before embarking on a DIY installation. Ultimately, though, the decision to install an aboveground pool yourself or hire a professional should be based on a realistic assessment of your abilities and resources, and the potential risks and benefits involved. If in doubt, it’s always best to seek professional assistance to ensure a safe and successful installation.

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