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Why Your Pool Lights Might Not Be Functioning Properly

Why Your Pool Lights Might Not Be Functioning Properly

Let’s explore some common reasons that your in-ground pool lights might not be working.

Most of us have already winterized our pools and put up our tools till next spring. Even with a great pool heater, the climate of our area doesn’t really lend itself to outdoor winter swimming. Winter is a great time for planning, however. Now is the perfect time to work on that list of pool maintenance projects that you will need to jump on in the spring. One of the pool projects that you might have on your list is replacing or repairing the pool lights since they haven’t been working their best. Let’s explore some common reasons that your in-ground pool lights might not be working. Check these potential causes before having a technician come out.


Check The Lens

One of the most common problems for pool lights is if water gets inside. There needs to be a seal to keep water away from the parts that it can damage. Start by checking the lens. If there is water behind the lens, that means it is getting where it should not and could be causing the bulbs to burn out prematurely. If there is, you will need to remove the fixture, dry it completely, install a new bulb (opt for LED), and properly tighten the gasket. Even if there is not water behind the lens, the water could still be the problem. Check to make sure that the fixture is firmly in place. Sometimes older lights can become loose when the screw holes get threaded. If the water gets behind there and damaged the light conduit, it can cause the pool lights to not work. The fix is pretty easy – yous a light wedge!


Check The Bulb

Even if there isn’t water behind the lens, the bulb could still be the issue. Maybe it just finally burnt out! Switching out the light bulb is not super difficult, but make sure that you’re doing it safely: shut off the power first.


Check the Power

Finally, if the problem isn’t the bulb ( because it’s still new) or the water, maybe the fixture isn’t getting power. Check the ground fault circuit interrupter first. If the button on it is red, there isn’t any power getting to the fixture.  However, if the ground fault circuit interrupter isn’t tripped check the breaker, fuses, and switches to make sure that they are all operating correctly. This may be a bigger job than you feel comfortable with, so you may want to call a professional for this.


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