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4 Signs It’s Time for a Vinyl Liner Replacement

time for a vinyl liner replacement

Look for these signs to tell you whether you need a vinyl liner replacement.

A typical vinyl pool liner will last between 10 and 15 years, although many factors can shorten that lifespan. Factors such as groundwater problems, unbalanced pool water, and incorrectly made liners can all lead to damage that requires a liner replacement. If your vinyl liner is approaching that 10-year mark, you should begin looking for the following signs indicating that it’s time for a vinyl liner replacement. 

Cracking and Tearing 

You should be regularly inspecting your vinyl liner for any cracking or tearing, which can indicate much more significant problems like leakage. If you find cracks, keep an eye on the water level for one or two weeks. If the water level drops more than once inch, you likely have multiple leaks. 

Have a pool service expert examine your vinyl liner, as some patching may be possible. However, as your liner ages, it becomes brittle, and patches can no longer bond. In this case, it is better to get a vinyl liner replacement. 

Fading and Staining

Your liner fades naturally over time after exposure to the sun and strong pool chemicals. You should monitor your pool, however, for significant rust stains or algae buildup as these can be very difficult to remove. 

You may wish to select a vinyl liner replacement if you are unhappy with your faded liner design. If you want to update your pool design and brighten its overall appearance, you can replace that faded and worn liner of the past. 

Wrinkling, Slipping, and Stretching

Over time, vinyl liners lose their plasticity and elasticity. You may have noticed that your liner beads in a few areas, or slips out of the track. These are both signs that the liner is stretching too much. You can also check for loose fittings around your pool’s return jets and skimmer. When you notice these signs, it is best to opt for a vinyl liner replacement. You shouldn’t try to “squeeze more life” out of your liner, as this can damage your pool and necessitate bigger repairs. 


If you can find a single liner leak and patch it up, you could get a few more seasons out of your vinyl liner. However, if you can’t find it, it is better to replace your vinyl liner. If you don’t replace the leaky liner, seeping water could destroy your pool’s walls and wash away the sand beneath, which creates dangerous sinkholes. 

Ultimately, installing a vinyl liner replacement is an excellent way to revive your pool and ensure that there are no leaks or damage developing that could prevent you from enjoying your swimming pool

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