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The 9 Essential Pool Supplies

essential pool supplies water test strips

Water test strips are one of nine essential pool supplies that keep your pool clean and functional.

No matter its size or style, your home pool will require certain supplies to keep it in top condition. However, there can be a lot of pool supplies sold to you that you don’t necessarily need or supplies that are primarily for aesthetic purposes. To make sure you save some money when caring for your swimming pool, you should be aware of the nine essential pool supplies you really will need to care for your pool. 

Water Test Strips

Water test strips are relatively quick and easy to use and will give you information on all of the necessary levels of your pool water chemistry that you need to track. In addition to at-home weekly testing, we recommend getting professional testing at your local pool store once a month. 

Pool Shock

If your pool starts to smell, it likely means your pool sanitizer is not doing its job. Giving your pool a “shock” will bring sanitizer levels up to where they need to be, kill bacteria, and ensure your water is clean. To do this, choose a calcium hypochlorite or “cal hypo” shock and apply it to your pool once every other week, or as needed. 

Algae Brush

Algae require special pool supplies, including the algae brush that helps you scrub it off the pool’s surfaces. However, if you have a vinyl liner pool, opt for a nylon bristle pool brush instead of the traditional stainless steel bristles. 

Manual Vacuum 

Once you have brushed the algae from your pool surfaces, you will need to remove it from the water. The quickest way to do this is to vacuum it from the water, which you can do with a manual vacuum that lets you reach your pool’s hidden spaces. 

Telescoping Pole

These retractable poles are useful for reaching into the depths of your pool without having to bend and strain while taking up minimal storage space. You can often use one pole for a pool skimmer, vacuum, or pool brush. 

Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

One of the essential pool supplies that ensure cleanliness is a multi-purpose cleaner. These cleaners help you clean your waterline, or wipe down your pool ladder. 

Filter Cleaner

As your pool filter collects dirt and debris, it will eventually have to be cleaned. Filter cleaners are essential pool supplies that help remove residue, prevent cloudy water, and improve the efficiency of your pool filter. 


Pool skimmers are nets that fish out fallen leaves, petals, bugs, or twigs that may fall into your pool. If you are often required to remove large amounts of leaves or debris from your pool, purchase a combined skimmer and leaf net.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the essential pool supplies that keep your pool clean and protected from the elements. A pool cover used during the off-season will reduce the potential for water contamination and maintain your water’s health until you reopen it in the summer. 

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