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Aboveground Vs. In-ground Pools: Which to Install

Aboveground Vs. In-ground Pools: Which to Install

Here is a comparison of above-ground and in-ground pools and which one you should have installed.

Not every homeowner wants to invest in a swimming pool. Some homeowners shy away from investing in a backyard pool because they’re concerned about the cost. However, pools are highly desirable assets that add fun to your lifestyle and yard and are a bonding hub for unforgettable memories. Think about the time you spent with friends and family at a community pool or the beach. You can have that fantastic experience right in the comfort of your home. Plus, swimming pools allow you to cool off during a hot day and burn some calories while you’re at it.


Backyard pool maintenance is also another consideration. Fortunately, above-ground and in-ground pools come with different price ranges and various levels of required maintenance. Here is a comparison of above-ground and in-ground pools and which one you should have installed.

The Cost of Above-Ground Vs. In-Ground Pools

In-ground models are typically more expensive. The style of the pool you pick affects the price, but an in-ground pool will almost always cost more than a top-tier above-ground model. A high-quality above-ground model will likely be a fraction of any in-ground model’s cost. Beyond initial expenses, it’s also best to consider installation prices.


You can self-assemble many above-ground pools. However, large above-ground models with hard-shell enclosures will need professional assistance. On the other hand, in-ground pool installation is much more complex, and you will pay a higher price for the installation. It’s better to hire a pool installation company to avoid making mistakes.


Above-ground models also don’t require the following services, which in-ground pool installation does:

  • Excavation
  • Safety Fencing
  • Water features and slides
  • Connected hot tubs
  • More costly materials
  • Added permitting requirements

Pool Maintenance

You must clean, filter, and balance the chemicals in all models. Above-ground and in-ground pools require much of the same maintenance. Both pool types might also need the upkeep of the outer housing shell if cracks or breaks in the material happen. Fiberglass inserts are more durable than inflatable, rubber-lined pools that can become punctured and need patching or a complete replacement.


Fiberglass inground pools are more resilient. However, homeowners can face expensive repair bills when damage happens, or a system fails. This damage or system failure could be an issue if the model has customized features that could also experience wear and tear over time.

The Customization

In-ground backyard models can take on any shape you want if you choose concrete over a prefabricated fiberglass shell. Their ground-level surrounding platforms make them more customizable than above-ground models. Common additions that homeowners add include the following:

  • Spas
  • Diving boards
  • Water slides
  • Tanning ledges
  • Waterfalls
  • Spray features

You can also enhance above-ground pools with an attached deck that reaches the rim to give the illusion of an in-ground pool. Intricate landscaping and dividing trellises are popular customized options for above-ground models.

The Longevity and Safety

Above-ground models typically last no longer than 15 years. However, if you care for this model meticulously, you can extend its lifespan. On the other hand, in-ground pools can last between 20 to 50 years because the surface materials can be refinished as needed. You can’t do this with an above-ground model, but your pool’s longevity ultimately depends on the materials and maintenance involved.


Regarding safety, an above-ground pool is a winner in this category. It would be best if you climbed a ladder to dive into an above-ground model, whereas in-ground pools don’t have any added protection. An above-ground pool might be the best choice for households with young children. A pool deck takes away a layer of protection. Therefore, adding a pool fence with a self-closing locking gate is worth considering.

How to Choose Between the Two

Both models are valuable. The final choice depends on your budget, available space, maintenance, and how long you want your pool to last. Our representatives will happily walk you through the best option for you.

Admiral Pools is Your Complete Swimming Pool Resource

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