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Why Fall is the Time to Hire a Pool Installation Company

Why Fall is the Time to Hire a Pool Installation Company

For several reasons, an ideal time to invest in pool installation is during the Fall. Here is why.

Hiring a pool installation company during the Fall might seem strange. After all, it’s getting colder, and most pool owners use it during the spring and summer. However, for several reasons, an ideal time to invest in pool installation is during the Fall. Here is why.

You’ll be Ahead of Pool Season

When you wait to have your pool installed until it becomes colder, you’ll miss the height of pool construction season and not have to wait as long for someone to come out to your home.

Spring Showers Can Delay Pool Times

When you hire a pool installation company in Fall, you know that your pool will be ready for use during the spring and summer. You might be thinking, “Well, what if I have my pool installed during the spring? Won’t I still be ahead of the curve?” The thing about spring is that it rains a lot, which could delay your timeline. Heavy rains can be damaging to swimming pools.

Building in the Fall Might be More Cost Effective

Every homeowner knows it’s more cost-effective to spread out your home improvement projects than do it all at once. When you take care of your pool in the Fall, you can save up money to work on other projects during the spring or summer. You can work on your deck, landscape, or a beautiful hardscape.

Enjoy Your AboveGround Pool Spa Right Away

Usually, people use pools to cool down during the summer. However, Fall or winter is the perfect time to enjoy a spa or hot tub.

You Won’t Jeopardize Your Landscape

The swimming pool construction traffic will impact your landscaping. Construction detracts from your landscape’s curb appeal, if only for a little while. Plants begin to become dormant in the Fall. Therefore, planning your pool installation for Fall is an excellent option.

What to Ask About When Hiring a Pool Installation Company

Many pool contractors exist, and they all claim they are credible (even if they aren’t). These seven qualities will help you narrow down which pool construction company you should hire:

  • Expertise
  • References and Reviews
  • Portfolio
  • Credentials
  • Insurance
  • Communication Skills
  • Warranties

Ask about these factors, and you can’t go wrong. Do you want to learn more about pool installation and how to have the pool of your dreams? If so, contact Admiral Pools LLC today.


Hire Admiral Pools to Take Care of Your Pool Installation 

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