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How to Know Your Pool Heater is in Need of Replacing

How to Know Your Pool Heater is in Need of Replacing

Look for these signs that your pool heater is in need of replacing.

The chilly days of fall are upon us and winter is right around the corner. If you’re typically still using your swimming pool at this time of year, it is likely because you’ve invested in an important accessory: a pool heater. However, if it feels like that heater isn’t quite as effective this year, the water is too chilly to swim more often than you remember, you might be thinking that it is time for a replacement. That’s a pretty big expense to replace it on a whim. Instead, look for these signs that your pool heater is in need of replacing and then make the call.


Poor Performance

If your pool heater is not performing at the same level that it did last year, this is going to be your biggest sign that you need to replace it. As the heater ages, it becomes harder for it to heat the pool as efficiently as it once did. Even if you haven’t noticed a decline in performance (sometimes the gradual decline is hard to track), know that pool heaters do lose efficiency over the years – most gas-fired pool heaters last about a decade. If your heater is closing in or over a decade old, it is time to get it checked out by a professional.


Strange Noises

If your pool heater is making a lot of new or strange noise, know that that is a sign that you could be in the market for a new one. The type of noise may indicate the type of issue that the heater is having (like a grinding noise might indicate an obstruction) but you should have a professional check it out to make the determination.


Rising Energy Costs

Sure the cost of energy is going up over all, but you should not just be watching your total cost. You should also be monitoring your energy usage. If you notice your usage going up substantially, that could be a sign that you need to have your heater looked at and either repaired or replaced.


Pool Chemistry

While not a specific sign that you need to have your heater checked, unbalanced pH and other pool chemistry issues can actually cause your heater to fail more quickly than it should. Make sure that you are routinely checking your pool chemistry and keeping all the levels where they need to be.


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