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Pool Accessories That You Can Install on a Budget

Pool Accessories That You Can Install on a Budget

What are some fun pool accessories that you can install on a budget?

While cooler temperatures are setting in across the area, it’s never too early to start planning your pool projects for next year. There are many affordable ways to make your pool more functional and more enjoyable. What are some fun pool accessories that you can install on a budget?


Pool Bubbler


Pool bubblers are a great way to make your pool feel a little bit more luxe without breaking the bank. Bubblers have adjustable water height, so you can have them set low for some ambient bubbles or higher for your grandkids to play in the pool. These pool accessories also sometimes include color-changing lights that are perfect for splashing after dark. Bubblers need to be installed as you construct your pool.


Pool UV Sanitation System


Nobody wants their pool to contain bacteria and viruses that could be potentially harmful, which is why they invest in chemicals and test kits to balance the water. However, you can go a step further using UV sanitation systems. These systems can eliminate a variety of dangerous substances, including bacteria and parasites. You can add these pool accessories when you install your pool or later down the line for only a few hundred dollars.


Automatic Chlorinator


One of the least glamorous parts of pool ownership is needing to constantly test and treat the water. Some pool accessories, like an automatic chlorinator, are simple ways to outsource this task. Automatic chlorinators will steadily add more chlorine to the water to maintain a steady level. These are very affordable and less than $100, and you can add them after the pool is installed at any point.


Fire Pit 


Do you love enjoying your pool after the sun sets? If you want to add to your patio and existing pool accessories, consider installing a fire pit. Fire pits help warm up the area around your pool so it’s more comfortable using it in late spring and early fall. Depending on your style, you can select from a variety of fire pits in an endless range of options.


Work With Admiral Pools for Your Pool Accessories


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