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Keeping Bugs Away From Your Swimming Pool

Keeping Bugs Away From Your Swimming Pool

If you’re still fighting the good fight of keeping bugs away from your swimming pool paradise, read on for some great tips and tricks.

While pool season is pretty much behind us at this point, most people are not quite ready to hang up the pool maintenance tools just yet. For a lucky few, a good heater keeps their pool useable even this late in the season, and for the rest of us, we may just be procrastinating on the winterizing tasks. Whatever the reason, if you’re still fighting the good fight of keeping bugs away from your swimming pool paradise, read on for some great tips and tricks.


No Standing Water

This should be the standard all year long: no standing water in your yard (aside from your pool, but more on that in a moment). This area tends to be plagued by mosquitos, and unfortunately, they no longer all die off in the cold. This means that any standing water in your yard can become a breeding ground where females lay eggs and new swarms are born. Without standing water, that cycle stops.


Keep Up With Treatment

Since your pool is essentially a big thing of standing water, the way to protect it from becoming a breeding pool for mosquitos is to keep up to date with the treatment plan. If you are regularly cleaning and putting in pool chemicals, mosquito eggs and larvae won’t be able to survive. Even if you’re not swimming regularly, you should be treating the water regularly up until you close for the season.



Make sure that you are still taking the time to skim the pool. If there are dead bugs floating in your pool, they are going to attract more bugs. If you’re still using the pool, you should be skimming every time you swim to keep the water inviting. If you’re not, but you haven’t closed it for the season, you should skim every few days.


Kill The Lights

Lights attract bugs. If you aren’t using the lights, make sure to turn them off so the bugs don’t swarm them. This includes the pool lights in the water, which often attract bugs and cause them to drown in the water.


Get Rid Of The Bug Food

There are dozens of potential food sources for bugs, from pet food to human food scraps. Make sure that you’re keeping the area clean so that bugs aren’t attracted. This includes cleaning that greasy grill if it is still sitting around after all that summer use.


Invest In A Zapper

When in doubt, bring out the bug zapper. If you are going to be using the space around the pool, even when you aren’t swimming, having a bug zapper is a great way to keep the area bug free.


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