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How Leaves Harm Your Swimming Pool, and What You’re Able to Do About It

How Leaves Harm Your Swimming Pool, and What You're Able to Do About It

Having leaves fall or blow into your pool can cause multiple problems.

It’s hard not to admire the beauty of nature this time of year. While the changing leaves on trees make for a truly stunning horizon for a few months, we have to remember that those leaves are also going to fall to the ground. This can make it a dangerous time of years, since walking on leaves can easily lead to slipping and falling. It can also be a dangerous time of year for your pool. That’s right, having leaves fall or blow into your pool can cause multiple problems. Read on to learn more.


Hazards Of Leaves Getting In The Pool

Leaves can pose a risk to the health and safety of your pool any time of year, but it is much more prevalent and noticeable in the fall since there are far more leaves falling and blowing around. Having them in and around the pool will increase your workload, meaning you have to spend more time skimming and scrubbing to clean them out. Too many leaves accumulating in the water can throw off the pH of the water, and it can cause you to have to use more chemicals to regulate it (more of an issue if you can still use the pool this time of year thanks to your heater or similar accessory). As leaves break down in the water they also encourage additional algae growth and some can even stain pool liners and surfaces. As the leaves break down, they also become harder to clean out, especially during a time of year (fall and winter) when many pools have been closed for the season and are not running the filters constantly.


Preventing Leaves From Getting In The Pool

One solution to the problem of leaves bing in the pool is to keep them from getting in there – specifically with a pool leaf cover. A pool leaf cover is a cover that is easier to take on and off as needed than other heavier covers (typically only taking about 10-15 minutes) and it blocks the leaves from falling or blowing into the water. These special covers are made from polyethylene and they block debris but allow rain to flow through. This means that you won’t have to pump off a cover to remove it, like you would with a tarp. If installed over a safety net, some can even support weight in an emergency.


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