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How You Can Save Money on Pool Maintenance

How You Can Save Money on Pool Maintenance

You can put your pool on a budget and save on the cost of many common pool maintenance tasks.

Having a pool in your own backyard is a great way to make summer a little more fun for everyone in your family. It provides a great place to play, relax, and even exercise. But all these benefits come at a price, specifically the cost of maintenance year after year. You can put your pool on a budget, however, and save on the cost of many common pool maintenance tasks. Here’s how.

Pumping and Filtering

You don’t have to run your pump constantly, and doing so will waste a ton of energy. Most pools will stay clean if the filter is run for about four hours each day. If you find the water gets cloudy and four hours isn’t enough, add 30 minutes per day till you find the right balance.

Water Testing

It can be tempting to skip testing and treating your pool water with chemicals in an effort to save money, but you’ll actually achieve the opposite. You should shock your pool about once a week and test the water to make sure that chlorine levels are between 2 and 4 ppm. Remember to shock at night to limit chlorine loss. You should also have someone check the cyanuric levels, as this helps protect chlorine in the water.


Cleaning the pool is definitely a big cost of pool ownership – either because you’re paying someone to do it or because it takes a big chunk of your own time. Doing it yourself will save you money, and there’s no substitute for regular skimming. If you hate vacuuming, however, you could invest in an automatic vacuum.


A pool heater will use up a lot of energy, and the cost can mount quickly. Choose more cost-effective heating options, like a solar cover, for the same effect without the ongoing price tag. If you already have a heater, try using it less, specifically turning it off when you know you won’t use the pool for a few days.

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