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Indicators of a Pool Leak

Indicators of a Pool Leak

If you are looking for indicators of a potential pool leak, read on to discover how your leak may have formed.

Getting ready for an afternoon in your pool, only to realize that the water level has dropped, can be a frustrating experience. When your pool leaks, you lose the enjoyment of your pool and increase your water bill significantly. The first necessary step in fixing your pool leak is finding out the source of the problem. If you are looking for indicators of a potential pool leak, read on to discover how your leak may have formed.

A Poor Circulation System Could Cause a Pool Leak

The presence of a pool leak doesn’t automatically mean there is a tear in the liner. The problem could be within the circulation system. If you think the circulation system might be the cause of the leak, turn off the pump and inspect the hoses, fittings, and all filtration equipment.

The intake and output hoses should be securely fastened to the pool and the circulation system. You should also make sure the hoses have not been punctured. Then, check the union between the motor and the filter. A small amount of water seepage here is normal, but if water leaks from any threaded connections, look for cracks in the equipment. Teflon tape or plumber’s tape should have been wrapped around the threads before they were connected.

Problem Areas Inside the Pool

If your circulation system is not the source of the problem, you can then check a few common problem areas. First, check the site around the ladder. If you don’t have the ladder appropriately anchored or are not using a ladder mat, the ladder may have rubbed against the liner until the liner tore.

If that area is not damaged, check the seams of the liner. Then, check the perimeter of the skimmer’s faceplate and the return jet. If none of these areas are the source of the leak, it’s time to do a hands-on search. Wear goggles and rub your hands along the liner from top to bottom until you feel the tear. If you notice air bubbles clinging to the liner, this may indicate the location of the pool leak.

Fixing The Pool Leak

There are two types of pool leak patch kits: dry and underwater. The underwater patch kits are best because you compromise your entire pool if you have to drain the pool to reach the leak. If you cannot find the pool leak, you will have to replace the pool liner.

Ultimately, make sure that you address the leak before you close your pool for the season. If left untreated, your water will drain out over winter and potentially lead to disaster.

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