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Indicators of a Pool Leak

Indicators of a Pool Leak

Here are some signs that you could have a pool leak.

If you own a pool, you understand that a lot of upkeep goes into keeping your pool in functional condition. Spotting problems early helps prevent them from growing into more tedious and expensive ordeals later. One of the problems you may encounter is a pool leak. While there are common indicators that your pool is leaking, such as a loss of water in your pool, there are other signs that you will want to monitor. Here are some signs that you could have a pool leak.

Cracks or Falling Tile

With excess water enveloping the ground surrounding your pool, it’s more likely that your pool tiles will begin to move and crack. As your pool continues to settle into the softened ground, you may begin noticing gaps and cracks in your bond beam.

A Pool Leak Will Form Wet Spots Around Your Yard

If you notice that your yard has soft and mushy spaces or that your grass isn’t growing evenly, it could be due to a plumbing leak. If there is water moving underground, the erosion could make your landscape begin shifting or even sinking.

High Water Bills Signal a Pool Leak

Some people have devices that fill their pools automatically, and these devices can mask a pool leak if you have one. However, you should keep watch on your water bill or if your auto-filler device is constantly running. If your pool is leaking, it can never remain full, meaning auto-filler devices will be running all of the time. This will drive your water bill up drastically.

Water Underneath Your Equipment

It’s clear that you have a pool leak if there is corroding or standing water around your pipes. It usually doesn’t take anything more than a visual inspection to catch this problem.

Air or Dirt Gets Blown Into Your Pool

If there is a pool leak, that leak could allow dirt and air to get pulled into your plumbing system. This means you could notice these getting blown into your swimming pool. Sometimes, you can hear gurgling noises, which serve as an indicator that something is wrong.

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