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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Pool Leak

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Pool Leak

Even when it is very small or slow, a pool leak should never be ignored, or your pool might pay the price.

Owning a pool is a luxury that comes with huge responsibility. Like anything else of value, a pool needs maintenance and care if it is to have the long, long life that it should. When you don’t care for your pool like you should, the resulting problems could be disastrous and massively expensive. One prime example of this is the issue of leaks. Even when it is very small or slow, a pool leak should never be ignored, or your pool might pay the price.

Signs Of A Leak

Good pool ownership comes down to doing required maintenance and being vigilant for signs of wear and damage, and fixing them. The biggest sign of a link is the relatively minor and easy to overlook issue of needing to add more water than normal. This is easy to overlook because, at first, you may not even notice that you’re adding more water. This is where having a solid schedule helps – If you know that you filled the pool every other Sunday last season, but you’re not making it to the second Sunday this season, something is wrong. It is easy to believe other contributing factors are at play, such as higher temperatures and lower humidity. It is also vital to know that a concrete pool will wick away a certain amount of water (while vinyl and fiberglass pools are nonporous and totally waterproof).

Damage Leaks Can Cause

The immediate cost of a small pool leak is the increased water consumption you have to pay for. That is not the major cost, however. The water that leaks out is chlorinated, which can damage any metal support structures of the pool. Over the course of decades, the water can also strip the cement out of the concrete so that it breaks down. Water will similarly undermine the soil beneath the pool, washing it away. This will affect soil integrity much sooner than it takes the concrete to break down, and the cavity left behind can result in catastrophic failure of the pool.

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