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Knowing the Basics of Concrete Pool Cracks

Knowing the Basics of Concrete Pool Cracks

Here are the basics of dealing with cracks in your concrete pool.

Cracks in a concrete pool are always a concern. Not all cracks are the same, and depending on the nature of the crack, it could mean any number of problems. You want to know the differences in each type of crack, understand their signs and know when you have to get repairs. Here are the basics of dealing with cracks in your concrete pool.

Different Types of Cracks

Concrete pool cracks come in two main types. Knowing the differences between the two will make it easier to understand how to address them.

First, there are surface cracks. These tend to refer to cracks that are in your swimming pool’s shell, and they don’t usually penetrate more deeply than your plaster finish. As a result, they don’t usually cause leaks, and they tend to mainly only be concerning for cosmetic purposes.

Then, we have structural cracks. These are more serious because they go deeper than surface cracks. This means leaks can happen as a result of structural cracks.

What Causes Structural Cracks?

There are a few reasons a structural crack can appear. Sometimes, the pool isn’t built the right way, whether it was installed improperly or made from insufficient materials. Shifting soil is another concern that can cause settling and cracking for your concrete pool. If the ground beneath your pool moves, the movement it causes for your pool can result in cracks forming as well. Lastly, freezing and thawing cycles can be an issue because they cause water to expand and compact. The constant shifting from expansion to compaction can result in pool leaks.

Signs That Your Concrete Pool Has Structural Cracks

These are the signs that will indicate your concrete pool has structural cracks in it.

  • Your pool loses water
  • You have pool leak tests that show up as positive
  • The pool looks deeper than normal

In addition to these signs, you might have a surface crack if your plaster is flaking off, but your concrete remains intact.

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