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Mapping Out Your Pool Budget: What to Consider

Mapping Out Your Pool Budget: What to Consider

Here is what you should consider when you’re planning your pool budget.

Have you been pondering the idea of installing a new pool in your yard? If so, deciding to go through with the decision can be very exciting. The idea of having a new pool to enjoy is wonderful, as it gives your yard the perfect hangout spot, as well as a place to unwind after a long day. Just remember that you need to put money aside for your pool budget.

Since pools are large investments, mapping out your pool budget is critical. You want to know about every expense you will incur throughout the pool’s lifespan. There is much more to the cost of a pool than the installation itself, and we don’t want you running into any unpleasant surprises down the road. Here is what you should consider when you’re planning your pool budget.

Upfront Costs

We know we just mentioned how there’s more than the installation itself to consider, but it’s still a big part of your pool expenses. Pools come in different shapes and sizes, but generally, you’ll be paying between $36,000 and $67,000. You might pay a little beyond this range if you’re thinking of installing other features for your pool.

The material for the pool will also impact its cost, so consult your pool installation company beforehand, so you know the precise amount that you’re paying before the installation begins.

Pool Maintenance

The installation is where most of the money is spent in your pool budget, but there is still ongoing maintenance to factor into your costs. Pools tend to cost anywhere between $80-$145 every month, roughly $5000 every year. You also have to be wary of rising insurance rates, and your property taxes could go up too. As long as you have a budget mapped out for monthly pool maintenance and you’re okay with the costs, you should be fine.

Extra Additions

Pools can be built with all sorts of amenities. If you have trouble finding space in your pool budget for all of the amenities you want, put together a list of the features you want the most. This way, even if you can’t install everything you want, you’ll still get the features that will bring you the most joy from your swimming pool.

Sometimes, you can adjust the amenities or the size of the pool in order to lower your pool’s overall cost. Ultimately, though, consulting with a professional is the most reliable way to ensure you get what you want for a cost you’re willing to pay.

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