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Pool Cleaning Tips that Will Keep Your Water Clean and Clear

Pool Cleaning Tips that Will Keep Your Water Clean and Clear

Here are pool cleaning procedures you should follow if you want your pool water to stay clear.

Do you want your pool water to look as clear as it does in the movies? It sounds like it would take a large amount of work to ensure your water stays sparkling all of the time. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be true. Getting clear water for your pool doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is follow the right cleaning procedures. Here are pool cleaning procedures you should follow if you want your pool water to stay clear.

Have Your Pool Brushed, Skimmed, and Vacuumed Every Week

We’re in the middle of fall, and that means leaves are starting to scatter throughout people’s yards. Leaves and twigs don’t seem too threatening to your pool at first, but they can actually mess with your pool’s chemical levels and drain your sanitizer. The longer that twigs and leaves stay in your pool, the dirtier your water becomes.

For this reason, you should brush, skim, and vacuum regularly to keep this debris out of your pool. Skimming should be done three times each week while brushing and vacuuming should be done two times at least.

Maintain a Clean Pool Filter

Pool cleaning can be broken down into three primary categories: chemical balancing and sanitizing, manual pool maintenance, and automatic filtration. Pool cleaning becomes so much easier with a functional pool filter. The time needed to skim, brush and vacuum your pool goes down significantly, which saves you plenty of time.

Over time, however, pool filters can become clogged. Keeping the filter clean requires a few different steps. You’ll want to clean your cartridge filters monthly and replace them annually. DE filters should also be cleaned monthly. In addition, you’ll need new DE powder once every couple of months, and you should get your DE grids replaced either every year or every other year. Filter sand should get replaced after a few months.

Regularly Shock Your Pool

Shocking should be a regular part of pool cleaning, but you should be careful how frequently you do it. Too much shocking gives your pool a chlorine look, but insufficient shocking will be ineffective, and your pool chemicals can be negatively impacted. For the best results, pool shocking should be done weekly. It’s also recommended that you shock your pool after storms or if you had many people use it at once.

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