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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks You Should Do During Summer

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks You Should Do During Summer

Here are some swimming pool maintenance procedures to finish during summer.

Pool owners understand how much enjoyment a pool can bring during the hot summer days. Pools are the perfect places for relaxing during summer heat waves or hanging out with friends and family. The only concern you’ll have is making sure the pool remains in good condition, and there are a few maintenance tasks you should get done during the summer season. Here are some swimming pool maintenance procedures to finish during summer.

Keep Your Pool Chemicals in Balance

One big step that comes with swimming pool maintenance is making sure that your pool has the right chemical balance in the water. One reason for proper chemical balance is because the water has to stay at an optimal pH level, which allows chlorine to do its job and kill germs and stop algae growth.

A pool with a good pH level also makes the water more pleasant for swimmers by not allowing the water to negatively affect people’s eyes or skin. One last reason a good pH balance is needed is that it stops your pool equipment from corroding.

Shock Your Pool

On the topic of chemicals, you should also give your pool a “shock” when needed. By shocking your pool, the chlorine levels in the water go up significantly for a brief time period. This is done so that you can kill off bacteria.

Shocking takes a toll on your pool liner, so don’t shock too much, but you still want to make it a part of your swimming pool maintenance procedures for summer.

Keep an Eye on Your Pool’s Water Levels

Swimming pool maintenance also includes watching the water levels of your pool. If your pool’s water levels aren’t optimal, the chemical balance in the water can be thrown off.

Schedule an Annual Service Appointment With a Professional Pool Company

Get your pool checked by a pool professional once per year so they can check all of your pool equipment and be sure it works as it should. Professionals have an easier time finding problems while they’re still small. This way, you can deal with problems before they get bigger and more expensive.

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