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Reasons to Run a Pool Pump at a Slower Speed

Reasons to Run a Pool Pump at a Slower Speed

There are actually quite a few valuable reasons to run your pool pump at a slower speed.

The weather lately has been unseasonably warm to say the least, and if that doesn’t have you thinking about your pool, nothing will. This time of year is an excellent chance to plan out how you want to manage and run your in-ground or above-ground pool during the coming season, especially if you’re looking for ways to cut your costs and increase your value. (And these days, who isn’t?) One place that you may not have considered for increasing the efficiency of your pool is the pump. There are actually quite a few valuable reasons to run your pool pump at a slower speed than you might have been. Let’s explore them!

It’s Quieter

While the noise that your pump makes might not be the most annoying thing in your house, it is amazing how much more relaxing pool ownership becomes when that noise gets turned down a little. Slowing the pump limits the volume of the noise it makes, and this can have a big impact on your relaxation.

Extend Equipment Life

Slowing the pool pump down can also extend the life of the equipment. If it isn’t working as hard, you will get more time out of the equipment before you have to pay to replace it.

Limit Algae Buildup

Slowing the pump should mean that it is running more consistently but less intensely. This means that the water ends up being circulated more often, which in turn means there is less opportunity for algae to build up.

Have Cleaner Water

Having a clean pool is the ultimate goal, which is why so many people go so far as to outsource their pool cleaning tasks to professionals. Slowing down the pump can actually result in a cleaner pool (which may feel a little counterintuitive). The reason is that the slower pump means that the pool chemicals get distributed more evenly.

Save Energy and Money

Finally, the biggest reason of all to slow your pool pump speed: it could save you money. Running your pool pump fast and heavy will typically use more energy and cost more money than running it slower, even if you’re running it longer at the slower speeds.

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