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Reasons Your Pool Heater Isn’t Turning On

Reasons Your Pool Heater Isn’t Turning On

If you’re facing issues with your pool heater, look into some of these causes to get a better understanding of what the problem may be.

There are few feelings as great as getting in the pool after a long day and dipping your feet into the nice warm water. And conversely, there are few feelings as awful as expecting nice warm water and getting cold water because your pool heater isn’t turning on. It’s a common issue that many pool owners end up dealing with eventually, and while it’s one of the most inconvenient, it’s generally a fairly easy fix—though sometimes, it may require a professional to step in. If you’re facing issues with your pool heater, look into some of these causes to get a better understanding of what the problem may be.

Heat Pumps

One cause is a damaged or failing electrical connection. If your pool heater pump isn’t receiving the power it needs, it simply won’t turn on, though if it suddenly stopped turning on, it could be a damaged electrical connection. Inspect all wires and ensure the pump is getting enough power.

Low water flow is another potential cause, so clean out your filter, empty the baskets, and ensure the pump is pushing enough water through the system to keep everything working. A defective pressure sensor could also be the culprit here, which would require bringing in a technician to troubleshoot.

Gas Heaters

Take a look at the heater’s gas valve first and be certain it’s set to “OPEN.” Do the same with your gas supply line valve. Anything beyond that—the heater switch, thermostat, or high limit switch—is going to require more involved troubleshooting, so you ought to bring in an experienced technician as working with gas can present safety hazards.

Electric Resistance Heaters

The first thing you should check is your electrical supply. Here you want to look and confirm that the breaker is sending the proper voltage, that all wires are undamaged, and that the wire terminals are neither rusted nor corroded. Another cause may be your thermostat, which you can set to a higher temperature and see if that kicks the unit on. If neither of these problems is the culprit, call a repair person.

Solar Heaters

While solar pool heaters are great, they may not work if there isn’t enough sun! You may be able to relocate the panels or simply wait for more sun to shine. Lastly, you may need a stronger pool pump to get your pool’s water where it needs to be.

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