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Should Your Poolscape Have a Fire Pit or a Fireplace?

Should Your Poolscape Have a Fire Pit or a Fireplace?

Let’s learn the differences between a fire pit and a fireplace so you know which is better for your poolscape.

The weather is starting to warm up now that spring is here, and that means we’re getting closer to the time of year when our home swimming pools are fit for use. Perhaps, however, you’ve been thinking about ways to upgrade your poolscape in anticipation of the summer season, and two upgrades that could be useful are a fire pit and a fireplace. You likely won’t need both around your poolscape, so the question becomes: which one do you pick? Let’s learn the differences between a fire pit and a fireplace so you know which is better for your poolscape.


An outdoor fireplace can be just what your poolscape needs to promote that feeling of elegance while providing you with a place to relax and talk with friends and family when you’re not swimming.

A perk that you get with a fireplace over a fire pit is that fireplaces can be built in enclosed spaces, like outdoor living rooms. This is because the smoke from a fireplace goes up and out of a chimney, so you keep the air in your room clean. When you install a fireplace in an enclosed space, you also make it usable during rainy and snowy weather, allowing you to have a beautiful view of the outdoors while being safely inside. Fireplaces do tend to cost a little more than fire pits, but if the elegance and versatility is what you want, they can be a wonderful addition to your poolscape.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is a little different from a fireplace. To start, people are seated around a fire pit instead of how a fireplace seats everyone in front of it. This makes it easier to socialize with everyone around you. Fire pits are also less expensive, in case you’re looking for a cheaper way to renovate your poolscape.

One downside a fire pit has is that smoke is not contained and redirected away from where you are, but if you work with a professional poolscape company, they can help you find a good place to install your fire pit.

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