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Three Major Indicators That a Pool Renovation Is Needed

Three Major Indicators That a Pool Renovation Is Needed

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with three critical signs that a complete pool renovation is in order.

If your pool’s been feeling like more trouble than it’s worth lately, perhaps you’ve wondered something along the lines of, “…Am I still a pool person?” Consider, though, that it may not have been you who’s changed—but the pool itself! Like any structure, a swimming pool is subject to wear and tear, and will sometimes require repairs and maintenance. -If this sort of work is seemingly needed every Tuesday and Friday, you may well feel like throwing in the towel. Before doing so, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with three critical signs that a complete pool renovation is in order.

1. Your pool needs frequent repairs.


Are you noticing more cracks in the walls and floor of your pool? Leaks springing in greater numbers than you have plug them with? Aside from being an extreme annoyance that takes fun out of the pool experience, these sorts of deteriorations are often indicative a more general structural weakness.

2. Its style just feels… outdated.


Maybe your tastes have changed, or the surroundings have been modernized and clash with your pool to its singular detriment. Regardless, you just don’t get that feeling you used to when looking at your pool. Aesthetics are no frivolous concern; disliking the look of this serious investment you may be preventing you from enjoying it any longer. A pool renovation can completely overhaul its design—say, altering the tile pattern, or adding a hot tub, or even changing the shape of the pool itself. In the short term, this would cost more than the next an indefinite sequence of repair fees. Keep in mind, though, that a renovation would mark the end of that sequence… not to mention the fact that modern, renovated pools are surefire way to increase your home’s value.

3. It’s become a safety hazard.


Most importantly, if your pool has in any way become a safety risk, it is in dire need of renovation. Whether due to outdated technology, antiquated design, or old-fashioned materials (for example, non-nonstick surfaces)… The health and safety of any hypothetical pool user must be the top priority. Through the renovating process, an older pool can be equipped with all of the latest technology to protect you from the unthinkable.

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Admiral Pools LLC is a multi-faceted company involved in the construction and renovation of all types of in-ground swimming pools, serving Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties of Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Admiral Pools does the vast majority of our work with in-house personnel, and we pride ourselves on being a turnkey operation that provides retaining walls, hardscaping, fencing, and outdoor lighting. Customers can visit our retail location and showroom in Abingdon, MD, to purchase pool chemicals, as well as above-ground pools, spas, parts, maintenance equipment, pool games, and toys. Admiral Pools of Maryland is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality swimming pools, the best service, and a complete selection of parts and chemicals the retail industry has to offer. Contact Admiral Pool’s representative through our website today to receive your free quote, or call us at 1-866-297-POOL (7665). Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of the latest updates and news in the recreational water industry.

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