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Tips to Keep Kids Safe When Using a Swimming Pool

Tips to Keep Kids Safe When Using a Swimming Pool

Here are tips you should follow to promote child safety around your swimming pool.

As we inch closer to summer, we start thinking about different activities we can do to beat the heat. One such activity is taking a dip in a swimming pool. If you have a pool at home, you need to make sure that everyone using your pool is kept safe. This is especially true for children who have less experience with swimming, and who may not be aware of all of the dangers a swimming pool poses.

Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to keep your kids safe while they enjoy swimming in your pool this summer. Here are tips you should follow to promote child safety around your swimming pool.

Discuss Pool Safety

It’s not fun to think about the topic of drowning, but because it’s an ever-present risk that comes with swimming, it’s important to acknowledge it. Therefore, you should inform your children on the dangers of water, and that they should only swim whenever there is an adult in the area to supervise them.

Have a Dedicated Person Around to Watch the Children

It’s not enough to simply be in the same area as the kids; you need to be actively paying attention to them while they’re swimming. It takes less than a minute for a child to drown, so you need to be watching them every second.

It’s easy to become complacent when everything is calm, but you need to be constantly focused to avoid a tragedy. If you feel you’re getting fatigued from supervising the kids, try taking turns with another person so that there’s always a fresh set of eyes overseeing everything that happens in the pool.

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