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Deciding Between Above Ground Pools and In-ground Pools

Deciding Between Above Ground Pools and In-ground Pools

Find out if above ground pools or in-ground pools are better-suited for your property.

Have you decided that you’re going to install a pool in your yard? If so, there is another part of the decision-making process you’ll have to complete: which kind of pool should you get? There are two types of pools we’re going to discuss today, above ground pools and in-ground pools, and each has benefits and drawbacks to consider. Find out if above ground pools or in-ground pools are better-suited for your property.

Above Ground Pools

These pools are what we refer to as “semi-permanent.” They tend to reach depths of between 4-6 feet, and their diameters stretch anywhere from 12 feet to 30 feet.


One of the main perks of these pools is that they are some of the cheaper pools you can get, making them more budget-friendly.  Depending on the features you get and the kind of pool you install, this price can fluctuate, but generally, they are easier on people’s wallets. These pools are also easier to install on average, meaning mistakes are much less likely to happen while installing them.


The downside of them is that they can be a little less aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they can be prone to more damage if you aren’t careful, especially during hazardous weather conditions. It can also be tough installing ladders for these pools, just in case you have young children or people with disabilities who want to get into your pool.

In-ground Pools

Unlike above ground ones, in-ground pools will not stick up from your lawn. Instead, a spot will be excavated so that your pool can be installed inside of it. These pools are also capable of offering many years’ worth of enjoyment to those who install them.


In-ground pools do wonders for the value of your home, significantly raising its property value, meaning that the money you spend on the pool will likely be worth the investment, as long as you take good care of it.

You can also get these pools in many sizes and styles, allowing you to get a pool that suits the look your property has. You can even add accessories to your pool to give it your own personal flavor.

The durability of in-ground pools should also not be overlooked. They have long lifespans, and they also tend to have a large warranty on them too.


In-ground pools are usually more expensive due to the high durability and high-quality appearance they provide. You also have a few safety implications at play because people can fall into these pools from ground level.

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