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More Pool Maintenance Errors, and Prevention Measures You Can Take

More Pool Maintenance Errors, and Prevention Measures You Can Take

Here are more pool maintenance mistakes you could make and ways that those mistakes can be prevented.

In the United States, about 15% of homeowners own a pool. These pools are great investments, and they come with great perks too. However, you do have to maintain them if you expect them to stay in great shape. You also have to perform these maintenance procedures correctly. There are ways to make mistakes during maintenance procedures, and while we have discussed some errors already, there are still more we would like to review with you. Here are more pool maintenance mistakes you could make and ways that those mistakes can be prevented.

Using a Skimmer to Add Pool Shock

While some mistakes aren’t too big of a deal, this one is a major problem. It’s incredibly unsafe to add pool shock through a pool skimmer. The reason is that pool shock forms a lethal gas when combined with chlorine.

If there is an automatic chlorinator that is attached to your pool’s filter system, and you then add shock to your pool skimmer, the chemicals all mix together within an incredibly finite area.

In short, you could cause an explosion from within the filter system of your pool. You’ll want to avoid this at all costs, and the best way to do this is by consulting the instructions provided by your manufacturer. Their instructions will tell you the safe way to apply shock to your pool. Wearing the right safety attire is also advised.

Adding Shock Directly Into Your Pool Water

Pool shock is pretty much heavily concentrated chlorine. When chlorine is this heavily concentrated, it’s able to bleach whatever makes contact with it.

To avoid problems, you should pre-dissolve this chemical by placing it inside a bucket that is filled with water. This helps spread the pool shock more evenly within the water, which keeps your floor and walls more protected.

Be sure to put the water into your bucket before you put any chemicals in. The last thing you need is some concentrated chemicals splashing out of the bucket and causing damage.

Not Having Your Pool Brushed

When you finish vacuuming your pool, you have to brush it as well. You should take a pool brush and aim for the spots that are the most difficult to access. Such spots include stairs, corners, waterlines, and behind your ladders.

When you take this extra step, you minimize the likelihood of mold and algae developing in your pool. Ultimately, your pool stays cleaner and safer.

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