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Types of Pergolas to Install Around Your Pool

Types of Pergolas to Install Around Your Pool

Read on for a few common examples of poolside pergolas.

Long days spent by the pool can be a great part of anyone’s summer. When you own and operate a pool in your backyard, you have the opportunity to create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor oasis. A great way to accentuate the comfort of your pool is to add a shade structure, such as a pergola. Pergolas consist of columns that hold up beams and rafters that create an open roof structure. Pergolas are very stylish home additions and come in various designs and styles to accentuate any home design. Their versatility and shade capabilities make them excellent for installing around your home pool. Read on for a few common examples of poolside pergolas.

Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola stands alone, separate from the side of your home. You can place a pergola in any spot on your property, including next to your pool. This can create a comfortable, shady space for you to lounge after spending some time swimming laps.

Attached Pergola

Attached pergolas have one side of their structure attached directly to the side of your home. This is convenient for smaller backyard spaces. You can use an attached pergola to provide shade over your poolside patio and help connect your home’s interior with your outdoor landscape.

Louvered Pergola

A louvered pergola will be built with adjustable louvers instead of rafters. These louvers are capable of being opened and closed to adjust the amount of sunlight let in through the structure. If you are concerned about sun exposure for your pool or poolside space, this pergola may be best.

Awning Pergola

If you want extra shade without requiring support columns, you can install an awning pergola over your patio windows or doors. These pergolas are also ideal for smaller backyard spaces and provide comfortable shade to your poolside seating area.

Consider Your Pergola Materials

Pergolas don’t just come in different styles, but in different materials as well. You can select among the following materials when designing your new poolside pergola:

  • Wood for traditional pergolas
  • Vinyl for low-maintenance designs
  • Aluminum for a modern feel
  • Steel for modern industrial architecture
  • Fiberglass for long-lasting luxury
  • Concrete for classical, geometric lines

No matter your style and material preferences, you can find pergolas to suit your home and complement your pool. By adding extra shade and beauty to your poolside environment, you will be eager to spend all summer out in the water.

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