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Vinyl Liner Replacement

Does your vinyl liner pool need a face lift? Have you been running to the pool store season after season for that old standby, pool “patch kit”? Is the liner in your pool wrinkled and ill- fitting? Maybe the color has just plain faded away.
Now is the time of the year to start considering a new liner. With the swimming season coming soon, now is when you should start your planning. There are two types of liners for an above ground pool. there is a “beaded” liner which snap into a track, and an “overlap” liner that hangs over the top of the wall. One question that we hear from customers is “Can I install it myself”? “Should I have a professional do it”? You might be able to install it yourself if it is an above ground pool. But you need to make sure you read the instructions and follow them completely to make sure it is installed correctly. One main problem do it your selfers have is making sure all of the wrinkles are out. In an in the ground pool I would always suggest having a professional do it. Above ground pools are standard sizes. In-ground liners are always custom made for each pool. If you measure incorrectly it will never fit.

There are many patterns and colors to choose from today. We have all of the color samples in our store so feel free to stop by. If you have an in ground pool call us and we will be happy to come to your home for a free estimate! Happy Lining!

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