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Weather……And the Pool Builder

I would like to consider myself rather adept at being able to address the various issues and dilemmas that those of us putting water in the ground sometimes face. However, sometimes you can come across something, written by someone else, that addresses an issue so perfectly that you can’t say it any better.

I found that recently while looking at an other pool contractor’s Website. They had made a post relevant to weather and I want to re-post it here while taking only a little creative liberty by inserting the name Admiral Pools LLC 🙂 where necessary.

So, thanks to Presidential Pools and Spas in sunny Arizona for this perfect post.

When it comes to building pools, it’s an understatement to say that weather delays are not a popular topic.

However, it’s important to know that before Mother Nature brings you days of sunny poolside fun—she could rain on your construction parade: Unfortunately, weather delays are something that all pool contractors and some of their clients will have to face.

What can be confusing and particularly frustrating for pool buyers everywhere is how delays can be longer than the duration of the inclement weather. In other words: one day of rain does not equal a one-day delay in construction. There are several reasons why.

One is that the ground needs to dry before crews can proceed with certain construction phases; this process of soil drying out usually takes several days or longer.

In cases where rain was unexpected, an excavated pool hole that was awaiting a concrete collar or gunite may fully or partially cave in, or it may fill with rainwater. Sometimes, water in a hole like this must be pumped out before the soil can even begin to dry out.

There is also the dreaded domino effect. Typically, pool builders have several or more jobs that are simultaneously under construction. When it showers on multiple pool sites, even a modest downpour can throw a wrench into construction schedules for everyone.

This domino effect even can occur when you would never expect it—it’s the phenomenon known as a “sunshine delay”: Even if a single drop does not fall at your house, a downpour in another part of town may delay crews from finishing work on another pool. This in turn holds up their arrival to work on your pool!

In addition to rain, other weather conditions can sideline progress. For example, pool plaster cannot be applied during gusty winds that could blow sand, leaves, or other debris into the smooth, freshly applied material.

Naturally, weather delays can be trying for anyone waiting for their new Admiral Pool to be completed. Do keep in mind that you and Admiral Pools LLC will be on the same page regarding your pool’s completion: Like you, we want to finish as soon as possible.

Admiral Pools will also want to ensure the integrity of the pool structure—even if it means taking longer. Maintaining quality requires that we do not take risks during construction that could adversely impact the end result.

A pool is a major backyard addition. Ultimately, a well-built one will add beauty to your home and give your family years of enjoyment—all making any extra wait well worth it!

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