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Why Get Pavers for Your Poolscape?

Why Get Pavers for Your Poolscape?

Here is some food for thought for why you should get pavers for your poolscape.

Pool design options can seem limitless. After all, many materials can enhance pool deckings, such as poured slabs, natural stone, brick, and wood. So, why do pavers offer a lot of value? Here is some food for thought for why you should get pavers for your poolscape.

What is a Poolscape?

A landscape dominated by a pool is a poolscape. A poolscape has a multidimensional design that encompasses the area around a pool. This area is aesthetically-pleasing and has various functional accessories and items. These accessories and items could include:

  • In-pool or exterior lighting
  • Fireplaces
  • Elevations
  • Waterfalls
  • Deck jets

Structural Integrity

Pavers are highly durable. Wood fades, and splinters and slabs might crack. Brick could potentially crack, while natural stone might splinter or break. On the other hand, Pavers are highly resistant to cracking or deterioration caused by pool chemicals, salt, and foot traffic. If, for some reason, a paver does become damaged, replacing it isn’t a headache.


Tile and natural stone often become slippery when wet. Bare feet on a wet surface are a hazard. However, pavers will ensure that your poolscape has a slip-resistant surface regardless of how wet they become.

Flexible Designs

Pavers are appealing and allow for various design options. Pavers benefit homeowners who want to create a natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly into lush landscaping. Homeowners who desire a tailored aesthetic with a modern architectural style will also see the value of pavers.


Additionally, pavers work well with other hardscapes, creating a cohesive look. When you blend pavers with retaining walls, the design can include steps, an outdoor kitchen, and a garden wall to compliment your poolscape. You can look forward to a functional outdoor living space.

Overlay Possibilities

Thin profile pavers can overlay an existing concrete pool deck to enhance an old pool cost-effectively. This option costs less money than removing and replacing the decking.


Contact Admiral Pools when ready to have a stunning and functional poolscape installed. You desire an outdoor living area that meets your desires and fits within your budget.

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