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Why Get an In-Ground Pool

Why Get an In-Ground Pool

Here are some advantages of owning an in-ground pool.

With the summer ending and us experiencing some pretty hot summer days, you might have regretted not owning a pool. A pool is a perfect addition if you have small children, enjoy hosting gatherings, or want an effortless way to burn calories. Pool ownership has many benefits, but it also comes with many factors and questions, such as “Should I own an above-ground or in-ground pool?” We’re here to help you answer that question today. Here are some advantages of owning an in-ground pool.

An In-Ground Pool = Relaxation

If you have a large family, sometimes you need a space of solitude where you can get away and breathe for a minute. Wading in an in-ground pool or even lounging in the sun next to your pool can make you feel calmer.

A Pool Makes a Home Feel Like a Staycation

Going on vacation is exciting and helps you have a break away from the monotony. However, planning a trip comes with a lot of preparation. For the moments where you don’t want to make travel plans or create an itinerary, you can enjoy a staycation, a vacation where you stay home. What’s even better is that you’ll save on travel expenses.

A Pool Brings the Family Together

A pool is a safe place for small children to play with adult supervision. A pool creates a bonding moment where you can teach your children how to swim and play fun pool games. Also, teenagers can invite their friends over for birthday parties or merely a fun day at the pool.

An In-Ground Pool Can Help Boost Physical and Mental Health

If you want to skip the treadmill for a day or two and try swimming, you’ll be happy to know that you can still burn many calories. You can burn at least 400 calories if you swim for an hour. Swimming also serves as a mood boost, particularly regarding exercise therapy in warm water. It’s contingent upon how much you weigh, how fast you’re swimming, and what type of swimming maneuvers you do.

Your Backyard Will Look Beautiful

A backyard pool can help your outdoor living space appear more appealing. A pool, whether above ground or in-ground, turns a house into a home. A pool says, “come on in and enjoy the place.” Many upgrades and patio accessories are also available to make your pool unique and personable.

You Can Finance an In-Ground Pool

With any home improvement, the first thing that comes to every homeowner’s mind is, “Can I even afford this?” You might be pleasantly dumbfounded to find that your dream pool is affordable. We offer financing through HFS Financial with terms up to 15 years, fixed rates as low as 5.99%, and every $10k as low as $89 a month.


Contact Admiral Pools today whenever you’re ready to upgrade your home with a beautiful pool.

Admiral Pools is Your Complete Swimming Pool Resource

Admiral Pools LLC is a multi-faceted company involved in the construction and renovation of all types of in-ground swimming pools, serving Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil Counties of Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Admiral Pools does the vast majority of our work with in-house personnel, and we pride ourselves on being a turnkey operation that provides retaining walls, hardscaping, fencing, and outdoor lighting. Customers can visit our retail location and showroom in Abingdon, MD, to purchase pool chemicals, as well as above-ground pools, spas, parts, maintenance equipment, pool games, and toys. Admiral Pools of Maryland is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality swimming pools, the best service, and a complete selection of parts and chemicals the retail industry has to offer. Contact Admiral Pool’s representative through our website today to receive your free quote, or call us at 1-866-297-POOL (7665). Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of the latest updates and news in the recreational water industry.

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