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How To Lessen the Cost of Your Pool Project

How To Lessen the Cost of Your Pool Project

Read on for some good ways to trim or stretch your pool project budget.

If you’re dreaming about having a pool in your backyard this summer, the time to get started is now. The first step to tackling this project is to work out your budget. It is impossible to take on this type of home improvement project without setting a budget first – unless money is literally no issue. For most people, there is a maximum that they can reasonably and comfortably spend on any project, and the complete pool project needs to come in under that number. If you’re looking for ways to lessen the overall cost of your pool budget, read on for some good ways to trim or stretch your pool project budget.

Don’t Go Big

First things first, you’re building a pool that meets your needs and budget, not an overly-extravagant water park. The pool doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be big. It just has to be big enough to meet your needs. Talk to a pool expert to figure out the size of pool that will actually work for you and also fit within your budget.

Hold Off On Some Extras

Next, some of the the extra stuff that you’re thinking about adding to your pool can wait to allow your wallet to recover a little bit. For instance, you don’t need to buy and store a winter cover right now, especially if it would be easier to afford in the fall once you’re ready to close the pool for the season. Likewise, a pool heater is another add-on that can wait. Most homeowners don’t actually know how much (or truly how little) they will use their pool in the off season when a heater would be necessary. Plan to have your pool for at least a full year before you buy a heater to extend your pool season. Another example of things that can wait is the huge patio and expansive poolscaping – add what you need to have now, and then expand it later when you have more flexibility in your finances.

Prep Now, Expand Later

Finally, some of those things you’re going to budget to buy later need to be prepped now. Specifically if you think you may ever want to add something like a slide, you should have the plumbing for those things done now. If you decide that you want a slide but the plumbing was never done for it, it will be a huge, expensive project.

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