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Times When Pool Shocking is a Good Idea

Times When Pool Shocking is a Good Idea

Here is a look at times when pool shocking is a good idea.

Pool shocking refers to adding chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to pools to destroy contaminants such as algae. A swimming pool installation fosters a healthier lifestyle, bonding, and curb appeal and adds value to your home. However, it’s not an installation to take lightly. It’s crucial to ensure that the water in your pool is clean and safe, meaning that you must maintain it regularly. Here is a look at times when pool shocking is a good idea.

How Often Pool Shocking Should Occur

We recommend that you shock your pool about once a week. If you’ve used your pool a lot during a particular period, give it an additional shock. Some telltale indicators that you should shock your pool include the water being cloudy, foamy, discolored (green specifically), and rancid.

The Best Time to Shock a Pool

You can shock your pool after enjoying it all day. We suggest doing so during the evening because the sun’s rays impact the chlorine’s effectiveness, dissolving it too rapidly. The evening is also ideal because you shouldn’t use your pool for 12-24 hours after you’ve shocked it.

Occurrences that Call for Pool Shocking

  1. When You Open Your Pool: Pools are rarely open during the colder months, leading to a buildup of bacteria and algae. When opening your pool during the late spring, shocking it helps get rid of contaminants.
  2. After Heavy Use: The increased number of swimmers during a gathering causes even more bacteria in various forms such as shampoo, soaps, and oils. More bacteria lead to decreased chlorine levels, increasing the need for a pool.
  3. After Scorching Weather: Days of intensely hot weather lead to bacteria growth and decreases the strength of the chlorine used.
  4. After a Rain Storm: During inclement weather, contaminants enter a pool, leading to increased pH levels.
  5. Intense Chlorine Smell/Eye Irritation: Ironically, the strong smell of chlorine does not mean the pool is safe and clean to use. It means that there is a chloramine accumulation or combined chlorine. Also, pay attention to if your eyes are red or irritated while swimming.
  6. When You Close the Pool: You can make pool opening season easier by shocking it before closing the pool. This period is also the perfect time to give your pool a complete cleaning and inspection. Some supplies that can help you do this include:
  • Robotic pool cleaners
  • Water care chemicals
  • Skimmer (sucks in water, cleans it, then pushes the filtered water back into the pool)
  • Test kit


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