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Factors That Go Into the Size of Your Poolside Patio

Factors That Go Into the Size of Your Poolside Patio

Let’s dive in and look at the factors that go into deciding how big a poolside patio should be.

Are you watching those early flowers and clumps of green grasses spring up and looking wistfully at your pool? You’re certainly not alone. The season of sun, fun, and splashing is coming, but first you have some time to really get that backyard pool area into the shape you want. If adding or expanding your poolside patio is in your dream bucket this year, now is the time to start the process. But how much poolside patio do you need? Let’s dive in and look at the factors that go into deciding how big a poolside patio should be.

How Do You Plan To Use The Patio?

This is going to be one of the driving questions that helps you plan your patio. If you only plan to sit out there in the sun by the pool, there need to be space for some lounge chairs and space for people to walk. If you want to be able to host, eat, and even cook out on that patio while your guests enjoy the pool, there needs to be a lot more space. There needs to be enough space for the furniture and features (like a pergola) that you’re planning to have, and space for people to safely walk around the pool.

What About Other Features?

In addition to the stuff you need for anything you’re going to do on the patio, there also has to be room for pool and safety related concerns. For instance, the patio may be where certain pool features get anchored, like slides or event the filter and pump. The patio will also have to be larger if you’re going to add an external spa or hot tub to your backyard oasis. Even if you’re not ready to add it now, if you think you might in the future you should plan for it in the patio size now.

Fencing And Landscaping

Next consider where the fencing and landscaping elements are going to go. All pools need a fence around them for safety, but it is up to you how you position it in relationship to your patio. Next, decide what other landscaping you plan to do. If you don’t want to have a lot of plants and grass to take care of, more patio might be the best option.


Finally, don’t forget that you are also going to have lots of pool stuff that needs to be safely stored. From cleaning tools and chemicals to pool floaties and even extra towels. If you’re going to add storage for pool stuff, it is likely going to be on the patio somewhere. You don’t want to find out after it is done, that there isn’t enough space to store your pool supplies and have your picnic table – so factor it in now.

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