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Poolscaping Tips That Will Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area

Poolscaping Tips That Will Enhance the Look of Your Pool Area

These are some poolscaping tips that can help raise your property’s appearance.

A swimming pool can be a wonderful home feature. They provide the perfect setting for friend and family gatherings or simply a lazy afternoon. Pools can be designed in many ways to get the aesthetic you want, but it takes more than just a nice pool to raise curb appeal. The landscape around your pool also has to be captivating, and we want to take the time to make suggestions on how to improve your pool’s surrounding landscape. These are some poolscaping tips that can help raise your property’s appearance.

Consider Adding Some Greenery

If you want to make your pool really stand out, it helps to have a complementary landscape, and that means having a good selection of plants. Whatever plants you pick must be able to endure the sun’s rays, as well as a little chlorine and humidity. They should also last a long time, so you don’t have to get new ones as often.

Aside from the functionality, your plants should offer, you also want to pick ones that look nice alongside your pool.  As a suggestion, banana trees and potted palms can help you achieve a tropical feeling. If you want a pleasant green color, you can install ferns and pines instead.

Lastly, if you’re going to install plants, they should offer your yard a little privacy. The right plants can minimize noise from neighbors and keep people from peeking into your yard.

Poolscaping Should Include Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are a multi-functional tool for your pool. Not only are lights able to make it easier to see everything when you’re hanging around your pool at night, but they also completely alter the mood.

For safety, you’ll want to have pathway lights that let you navigate walkways without falling or bumping into anything.

For extra aesthetic appeal, you can install LED lights underwater. The selection of color options for these lights is vast, and your choice will influence what feeling people get while they’re around your pool.


Patios help connect the different areas around your outdoor landscape. They can be made from different materials, like brick, stone, or pavers, and they provide extra space to accommodate any guests you might have.

Consider adding features like outdoor kitchens or pool houses that will allow people to stay outside without having to cause too much traffic in your home.

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