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Signs You Need to Get a New Pool Liner

Signs You Need to Get a New Pool Liner

Here is a helpful guide to helping you determine whether you need to finally replace your pool liner.

There is no denying that pool liners are incredibly important to your swimming pool overall. In fact, if your pool liner is already looking a bit worse for wear, then it might be time to replace it. The reality is, most vinyl liners tend to last around 10 years — so if it’s been a decade since the last time you replaced your pool liner, you might be due for a new one immediately. Ultimately, there are always some specific signals that will show up that will be tell-tale signs that your pool liner is in dire need of a replacement. Here is a helpful guide to helping you determine whether you need to finally replace your pool liner as soon as possible.

Experiencing Tearing Or Cracking

For the most part, vinyl liners tend to deteriorate over time — simply from traditional wear and tear. In fact, homeowners should absolutely take the time to regularly inspect their liners since they are so routinely exposed to so much UV light that can harm the liner itself. The reality is, a pool liner will typically need to be replaced when you begin to notice signs of tearing or cracking. Ultimately, if you begin to see that your pool liner has even a small crack or tear, replacing the pool liner immediately could alleviate costly repairs down the line.

Experiencing Staining Or Fading

Similarly, if you start to see any staining or fading of your pool liner, it’ll likely need to be replaced. In fact, over time your pool liner will typically fade with normal wear and tear. The reality is, you’ll eventually need to replace your pool liner after some time has passed since you initially installed it. Ultimately, fixing your stained or faded pool liners by simply replacing them is often the best route to take to ensure that your swimming pool is safe and secure overall.

Potential Leaks

If you experience any leaks — whether minimal or severe — you will definitely want to check on the liner generally. In fact, if you are able to actually locate the leak itself, you might consider patching it up — but, it may be more cost effective to fully replace the liner overall to ensure that your swimming pool is in proper working condition. The reality is, you’ll likely experience a leak at some point with your swimming pool — so knowing what to look for when it comes to your swimming pool liner itself can make a huge difference towards your overall enjoyment of the swimming pool itself. Ultimately, if you don’t fix or replace the leak, you’ll likely experience corrosion with the pool leading to disastrous results — and very costly repairs.

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